Why this COVID patients  Long-Hauler  story has a happy ending.

Why this COVID patients Long-Hauler story has a happy ending.

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This Medicine, Ivermectin works extremely well and yet many States and Doctorts are resisting providing this life saving low cost medicine to you. Call your doctor and explain to them that thousands of their colleagues around the world are using this life saving low cost drug to save lives. In addition this drug as well as HCQ have been used all over the world but especially in Africa to immunize your body from malaria and HCQ is also used for Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as Lupus wfor SIX or Seven DACADES witrh ZERO issues so why are they resistant to the drug being used for COVID19 when the drug is the cure? The answer is simple. MONEY! Ivermectin and HCQ are dirt cheap pills that save lives but that doesn't fit the agenda Bill Gates is engaged in. Everyone needs to do their homework and learn how deeply in Medicine and vaccines Bill Gates is involved.  Money, Greed and absolute power over the world population and in concert with the NEW GREAT RESET is the motivating factor, not your health and safety. It is time all Americans rise up and let your Doctor know the truth. Teach them, your life literally depends on it!


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