Voter Fraud   Hammer and Scorecard

Voter Fraud Hammer and Scorecard

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2 years
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Fraud performed on epic scale placing America in an extremely dangerous position. Half the population will never recognize Biden as president. Then Biden urges unity. WHAT? Reality check. Half the population loves FREEDOM and can never unify with the other half of the population that supports and demands Communism as a new way of life. This is tantamount to the commies demanding we surrender Americaa to them. Never happening and now it is time for the GOOD half of the nation to rise up in mass number to defeat the bad half which is a cancer andf wicked evil stain on this nation. War is coming whether we like it or not. War already started months ago in many states sending us a wake up call. The radical commies spent the summer rioting, burmning stores after looting them, killing police officers, creating chap zones and the absolute myriad of lunacy by that half of the country. Thye commies must be taken down and defeated. The war has already begun and now the good half must defdeat the evil half! Communism must be banned from America. For those who love the utopian view of communism, move to Venezuala or Cuba or maybe Communist China. There you will be right at home living under the boot of dictators.


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