Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud

Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud

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2 years
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And Dominion was scheduled to testify in front of the PA Legislature...BUT cleared out their offices, didn't show up, LEFT TOWN RUNNING. This proves they are guilty of voter fraud software and systems. Any reasoanble thinking person would presume that if Dominion was proud of their technolog and didn't build a software capable of scamming the voters, we wouild think they would be willing to stand behind gheir so smart productr and claimthe prize for  its wonderful file drag and drop capability, back door entrances and live ability to alter votes in 68 seconds, yes we can see why they didn't want to show up to testify. But the dirty rotten to their core media tells us there is nothing to see here folks. Move along. This how the poor Venezuelan people are forced to live after having their votes stolen from them by the communist thug Hugo Chavez. Now they live under the jack boot of communism which will now be foisted on America.


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